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2022 Juneteenth Essay Contest Winners

Black In Physics celebrates

2022’s Juneteenth Essay contest Winners!!

The Juneteenth Essay Contest is an event hosted by Black In Physics and held in collaboration with the American Institute of Physics and the National Girls Collaborative Project. Black and/or African American students in grades 6-8 (middle school) are encouraged to submit their essays to the competition.

Essays are evaluated based on their Mechanics, Development, and Organization. An optional art component that answers the prompt in a creative way is encouraged and all submissions will be shared on the Black In Physics site and social media platforms.

The theme of 2022’s essay contest was ‘In 1,000 words or less, write about a notable Black physicist and explain how their contributions have helped to shape how you see yourself represented in STEM’.


1st Place

Jonathan E.

Read Jonathan’s winning essay on
Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

2nd Place

Alexandra B.

Read Alexandra’s winning essay on
Dr. Sekazi Mtingwa

3rd Place

Naomi L.

Read Naomi’s winning essay on
Dr. Morgane König

4th Place

Najuna K.

Read Najuna’s winning poem

5th Place

Samuel H.

Read Najuna’s winning essay on
Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

More fantastic entries

Dr. Ronald Mallett by Asa O.

Dr. Stephon H. Alexander by Sarah R.

Dr. K. Renee Horton by Natelege J.

Dr. Joanne Flowers by Claudia B.