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Exhibitor Career Fair Registration

Part 1: #Blackinphysicsweek Career Fair Information

Black Physicists are essential stakeholders in the physics community and provide a unique and necessary lens. However, the current physics climate often ostracises and shuts out this valuable Black perspective. The Black In Physics organization picks up where others push out and centers on the needs of Black individuals. By developing more community-based support structures to champion Black physicists along their journey, BIP is making space for Black excellence. To this end, BIP is holding its second annual #BlackInPhysicsWeek at the end of October 2021. 

#BlackInPhysicsWeek is aimed at (1) building lasting community for Black physicists at all career stages through culturally-centered programming, (2) amplifying the work of Black physicists, (3) commissioning historically significant articles written by Black physicists, and (4) creating a complete picture of what a physicist looks like. Its purpose is to connect Black physicists, students in particular, who may be the only ones at their institution to a community where they can connect with peers, meet potential mentors, gain resources on numerous professional topics, develop tools to succeed, and build new collaborations.

The Black In Physics’ social media platform is one of the most highly engaged communities for Black physicists. Along with this, the culturally-centered and community-based programming that Black In Physics develops is relevant, timely, and well attended. Our inaugural #BlackInPhysicsWeek Career Fair had over 100 Black physicists across career stages participate, and over 30 institutions represented. Our online social engagement over last year’s #BlackInPhysics Week had 1.3 million impressions and the impact of the Black In Physics organization was reported on by Nature Physics, Physics Today, Physics World, and Symmetry Magazine. Lastly, the collective BlackInX movements made Science’s 2020 Breakthrough of the Year runner-up list. 

The 2nd annual #BlackInPhysicsWeek Career Fair will again be held in GatherTown. Black In Physics’ values sit firmly in supporting and facilitating community-building for Black physicists, in that vein, GatherTown is the obvious choice. Black In Physics was the first organization to partner with GatherTown for a physics-based event. Since then, The American Physical Society has recognized the community response as a more engaging way of interacting virtually. They have now integrated GatherTown into many of their conferences and events.  Proactive approaches, such as these, underscore the innovation and inclusive commitment Black In Physics bakes into their events. Combined with the insight and knowledge of what the Black physics community needs, Black In Physics stands beside others ready to serve.

Black In Physics is an organization for Black physicists by Black physicists. 

Exhibitor Booth Sponsorship includes:

  • 1 virtual booth with 2 booth representatives
  • 3 Interactive objects at the booth (examples: PDF, Video, Embedded WebPage, Images)
  • 1 Five minute lightning talk opportunity in our Black In Physics Reverse Science Fair Room
  • Sponsorship Recognition on Career Fair marketing materials, and on interactive objects around the GatherTown Virtual Exhibit Hall.
  • 50% off Job Advertisement Post on Black In Physics social media platforms and on the Black In Physics Website.

Cost: $300

Booths are limited to 30 on a first-come-first-served basis.

Part 2: Register for an Exhibitor Booth